Friday, July 31, 2015

Outstanding Teen Prelim Wins

Looking back on ten years (2005-2014) of Miss America's Outstanding Teens' preliminary winners and their final placement

Miss America's Outstanding Teen Winners who did not win a preliminary

Double Preliminary Winners
2013-Ashten Vincent (Oklahoma)-1st Runner-up (Talent, Evening Wear)
2013-Jessica Procter (Alabama)-2nd Runner-up (Evening Wear, Fitness)
2013-Julia Smith (Michigan)-Non Finalist Talent Award (Talent, Fitness)
2008-Sloane Roberts (Arkansas)-2nd Runner-up (Talent, Evening Wear)
2010-Courtney Jamison (Virginia)-4th Runner-up (Talent, Evening Wear)
2009-Monica Stainer (California)-4th Runner-up (Talent, Evening Wear)
2006-Dorothy Shepherd (Arkansas)-4th Runner-up (Evening Wear, Sportswear)
2008-Sydney Capello (Texas)-Top 10 (Talent, Evening Wear)
2005-Hannah Joiner (Arkansas)-Top 10 (Evening Wear, Fitness)
2013-Julia Smith (Michigan)-Non-Finalist Talent Award (Talent, Fitness)
2012-Jessica Richards (Utah)-non finalist (Talent, Evening Wear)
2007-MerrieBeth Cox (Illinois)-non finalist (Talent, Evening Wear)-Miss Indiana 2012 & Top 12 at Miss America
2006-Kendall Morris (Texas)-non finalist (Talent, Evening Wear)-Miss Texas 2011 & Top 10 at Miss America

Talent Winners
2014-Lexie Perry (Tennessee)-1st Runner-up
2010-Scarlett Walker (Alabama)-1st Runner-up
2005-Arianna Afsar(California)-1st Runner-up-Miss California 2010
2012-Laura Turner (Arkansas)-2nd Runner-up
2011-Mi'a Callens (Alabama)-2nd Runner-up
2006-Brittany Young (Virginia)-2nd runner-up
2012-Jamerson Kenerly (Georgia)-3rd Runner-up
2007-Mary Jane Hobgood (Louisiana)-3rd Runner-up
2013-Cassie Donegan (Virginia)-4th Runner-up
2012-Molly May (Mississippi)-4th Runner-up
2005-Jennifer Gulbrandsen (Utah)-4th Runner-up
2011-Ivy Shen (Rhode Island)-Top 10
2009-Lydia Daley (Indiana)-Top 10
2008-Alicia Clifton (Oklahoma)-Top 10-Miss Oklahoma 2012 & 2nd Runner-up at Miss America
2006-Maggie Hill (South Carolina)-Top 10
2014- Raghen Lucy (North Dakota)-Top 12 Semi-Finalist
2009- Emily Luther (Rhode Island)-Non-Finalist Talent
2011-Nicole Renard (Washington)-non finalist
2010-Alison Stroming (New York)-non finalist
2009-Emily Luther (Rhode Island)-non finalist

Evening Wear Winners
2012-Jaine LeFebvre (Connecticut)-1st Runner-up
2009-Brenna Weick (New Jersey)-1st Runner-up
2006-Nina Davalauri-(Michigan)-1st Runner-up-Miss New York 2013 & Miss America 2014
2014-Morgan Green (Alabama)-2nd Runner-up
2009-Myrrhanda Jones (Florida)-2nd Runner-up-Miss Florida 2013 & 3rd Runner-up at Miss America
2007-Elena LaQuatra (Pennsylvania)-2nd Runner-up
2005-Sierra Minot (Florida)-3rd Runner-up-Miss Florida 2008 & 4th Runner-up at Miss America
2011-Alexis Houle (Minnesota)-4th Runner-up
2013-Heather Shen (Rhode Island)-Top 10 Semi-Finalist
2005-Adrienne Nurss (Arizona)-Top 10 Semi-Finalist
2010-Laura Jones (Kentucky)-Top 10
2010-Cecili Weber (Ohio)-Top 10
2012-Andolyn Medina (Virginia)-Top 12 Semi-Finalist
2014-Joei Whisenant (Oklahoma)-Non-Finalist Gown
2014-Tayler Plunkett (Washington)-Non-Finalist Gown
2008-Ariana Walker (North Dakota)-Non-Finalist Interview-Miss North Dakota 2011
2011-Summer Robbins (Illinois)-non finalist
2011-Brooke Ludemann (Nebraska)-non finalist
2006-Lauren Edmonds (Georgia)-non finalist

Fitness/Sportwear Winners
2007-Lindsey Brinton (Utah)-1st Runner-up
2013-Sydnee Stottlemyre (Missouri)-4th Runner-up
2008-Joanna Guy (Maryland)-3rd Runner-up-Miss Maryland 2012 & Top 10 at Miss America
2006-Leah Bolton (Tennessee)-3rd Runner-up
2008-Crystal Lee (California)-Top 10-Miss California 2013 & 1st Runner-up at Miss America
2007-Bishara Dorre (Wisconsin)-Top 10
2013-Kristen Boxman (Kansas)-non-finalist
2008-McKenna Lewis (Utah)-non finalist
2007-Devin Grissom (Tennessee)

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Ballet Dancers

Women en pointe.  Another Miss America tradition in talent.

States with most Ballet winners (1954-2014-the television years)
Rhode Island-8

States with fewest Ballet winners (1954-2014)

All 50 states combined have sent an average of 4 ballet dancers to Miss America in the last 60 years.

Top 10 Finalists (1954-2014)
1954-Barbara Nager-Pennsylvania-3rd Runner-up-Egyptian Suite
1958-Billie Turner (Connecticut)-Top 10 & Talent Prelim-Les Sylphides
1958-Janet Secor (Utah)-Top 10-Sleeping Beauty Waltz
1962-Evelyn Ellis (South Carolina)-3rd Runner-up-Thank Heaven For Little Girls & Gigi
1968-Marjean Langley (Oregon)-3rd Runner-up-The Dying Swan
1969-PAMELA ELDRED (MICHIGAN)-MISS AMERICA 1970-Theme from Romeo & Juliet
1972-Constance Dorn (North Carolina)-1st Runner-up-The Grand Holiday
1974-Jean Ahern (Illinois)-2nd Runner-up & Talent Prelim-Kitri's Variation from Don Quixote
1974-Libby Lovejoy (Louisiana)-4th Runner-up-The Grenadiers
1975-Cyndi Legler (Indiana)-Top 10-Dawn from Coppelia
1980-Donna Pope (Mississippi)-2nd Runner-up (tie)-Overture from Oklahoma
1981-Karen Hopson (Mississippi)-Top 10-Overture from Annie
1985-Angela Tower (Alabama)-4th Runner-up-Chariots of Fire
1985-Laurie Keller (Kentucky)-Top 10-combined with Vocal-Don't Cry For Me Argentina
1987-Robin Riley (Missouri)-Top 10-Overture from Funny Girl
1987-Heidi Lammi (Virginia)-Top 10-Grand Tarantelle
1988-Valerie Brosset (Louisiana)-Top 10-Singin' in the Rain
1988-Tina Curran (North Dakota)-Top 10-Capriccio Espangol
1989-Sandra Frick (Florida)-Top 10-Yankee Doodle Dandy
1992-Lisa Deroches (Massachusetts)-Top 10-Can-Can
1994-HEATHER WHITESTONE (ALABAMA)-MISS AMERICA 1995-Talent Prelim-Via Dolorosa
1998- Kelli Bradshaw (North Carolina)-1st Runner-up-PS 491
1999-Keri Schrader (Maryland)-3rd Runner-up-Stars & Stripes Forever
2000-Melissa Jeka (Pennsylvania)-Top 10-The Diamond
2001-Danae DeMasi (West Virginia)-Top 10-Ravendhi

The following contestants competed during the Vegas years.  They are listed by the year in which they won their state title and not in the year in which the national competition occurred.

2005-Alexa Jones (Alabama)-2nd Runner-up-Fuego
2007- Hannah Kiefer (Virginia)-3rd runner-up-Chocolate Dance from The Nutcracker
2007- Jessica Jacobs (North Carolina)-4th Runner-up-Spring from The Four Seasons
2007- Molly Hazlett (Texas)-Top 8-Rich Man's Frug from Sweet Charity
2008-Jackie Giest (California)-Top 7-The Dying Swan
2008-Kate Grinold (District of Columbia)-Top 10-Tanguera
2009-Kristy Cavinder (California)-1st Runner-up & Talent Prelim-Slave Maiden variation from Le Corsaire
2010-Emoly West (Oklahoma)-4th Runner-up-Time
2011-Noelle Freeman (California)-4th Runner-up-The Black Swan variation from Swan Lake
2011-Kayla Martell (Delaware)-Top 10-The Way You Make Me Feel
2011-Hannah Smith (Illinois)-Top 10-Palladio
2011-Hope Anderson (Louisiana)-Top 10-Sway
2013-Crystal Lee (California)-1st Runner-up-The Dying Swan

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Ventriloquists - revisited

I originally posted this a year ago after Mackenzie Bart won Miss Ohio.  I revisit it this summer with updated information during the international ventriloquists convention week.

Row, row, row your boat, ROW, gently, ROW, down, ROW, the stream, YOUR BOAT...

As entertainment and performance, ventriloquism is a 250+ year-old art form. As a religious practice, it has been around for thousands of years.

Let's consider the women who have brought a "friend" or two onstage with them in talent at Miss America.

Ventriloquism at Miss America peaked during the 1970's with seven contestants performing it as their talent and four of those making Top 10 (including TWO in 1971, the only year that two ventriloquists have made Top 10).

Vonda Kay Van Dyke
Miss Arizona 1964
Miss Congeniality
Together from GYPSY

Paige Phillips
Miss Alabama 1980
1st Runner-up & Prelim Talent winner
Rock-a-Bye Your Baby,
Swanee, & Mame
Patricia Brant
Miss Louisiana 1987
1st Runner-up & Prelim Talent winner
Row, Row, Row Your Boat & 
Arizona Yodeler
Alyse Eady
Miss Arkansas 2010
1st Runner-up
I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart
Stacey Peterson
Miss Arizona 1975
4th Runner-up
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Cynthia Cook
Miss Georgia 1971
Top 10 & Prelim Talent winner
Impersonations of celebrities
Sandy Rings
Miss Kansas 1971
Top 10 & Prelim Talent winner
Marie McLaughlin
Miss Pennsylvania 1976
Top 10
Maria Wynne
Miss Pennsylvania 1990
Top 10
Mackenzie Bart
Miss Ohio 2014
Top 10 & Prelim Talent Winner

Gloria Gilbert
Miss Texas 1982
Non-Finalist Talent
I've Been Everywhere
Barbara Crandall
Miss Michigan 1984
Non-Finalist Talent
Auctioneer's Song
Cheryl Hirst
Miss Rhode Island 1961
Non-Finalist Talent-Best Variety Act
Ventriloquism & Organ
This Can't Be Love
Pam Long
Miss Alabama 1974
selection unknown
Darby Moore
Miss Alaska 1974
Sharon Pelc
Miss Nebraska 1974
Those Were The Days
Angelina Johnson
Miss Tennessee 1981
Laverne and Shirley
Sandra Dornak
Miss Nevada 1992
Heather Dupree
Miss Louisiana 1998
Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Batons and gymnastics

Baton twirlers and gymnasts/acrobats have won many preliminary talent awards at Miss America over the years. In this week's post, I have also included those women who have performed ice or roller skating, trampoline, parallel bar gymnasts, and karate as Top 10 finalists.

States with Most Gymnasts and Acrobats (1954-2014)

States with Most Baton Twirlers (1954-2014)
22 states have never sent a baton twirler to Miss America

Gymnasts/Acrobats in Top 10 (1954-2014)
unless otherwise notes, these contestants performed gymnastics/acrobatics in talent
1967-Mary Haglund (Indiana)-Ice Skating-Top 10 & Talent Prelim
1967-Charlotte Sims (Minnesota)-Top 10-Ebb Tide
1968-JUDITH FORD (Illinois)-MISS AMERICA 1969-Trampoline-Talent Prelim-Blue Danube
1969-Katherine Baumann (Ohio)-1st Runner-up & Talent Prelim-Those Were The Days
1970-Maggie Walker (Pennsylvania)-Uneven Parallel Bars-4th Runner-up-Contessa
1971-Sheila Bernhagen (Minnesota)-Top 10-Flim Flam Man
1971-Susan Buckner (Washington)-Top 10-The Joker
1972-Rebecca Graham (Indiana)-4th Runner-up
1978-KYLENE BARKER (Virginia)-MISS AMERICA 1979-Gonna Fly Now & Feelin So Good
1979-Pam Wenzel (Arizona)-Top 10 & Talent Prelim-Children Of Sanchez
1981-Sheri Ryman (Texas)-4th Runner-up & Talent Prelim-Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1982-Debra Daniels (Arizona)-Top 10-Chariots of Fire
1985-Alecia Rae Masalkoski (Michigan)-Top 10-Karate Kata
1997-Christy Neuman (Florida)-Top 10 & Talent Prelim-Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
     Christy performed Rhythmic Gymnastics with ball, hoop, and ribbon

Baton Twirlers in Top 10 (1954-2014)
1955-Sandra Wirth (Florida)-Top 10 & Talent Prelim-Jazz medley
1962-Mary Lee Jepsen (Nebraska)-Top 10 & Talent Prelim-Ritual Fire Danse
1967-Dawn Cashwell (Florida)-4th RU & Talent Prelim-Blue Tango
1969-Adria Easton (Colorado)-Top 10-Funny Girl medley
1972-Renee Stuedemann (Iowa)-Top 10-Can-Can
1979-Kelli Krull (New York)-Top 10 & Talent Prelim-If My Friends Could See Me Now
1985-Laurie Broderick (Indiana)-Top 10 & Talent Prelim-up tempo medley
2001-Marshawn Evans (District of Columbia)-3rd RU & Talent Prelim-I Will Survive
2008-Diana Reed (Iowa-2007)-Top 10 & Talent Prelim-You Can't Stop The Beat
     Diana was Miss Iowa 2007 and competed at Miss America in January, 2008 in Las Vegas
2013a-DaNae Couch (Texas 2012)-Top 10-Last Dance
     DaNae was Miss Texas 2012 and competed at Miss America in January, 2013 in Las Vegas
2013b-Myrrhanda Jones (Florida)-3rd RU & Talent Prelim-Big Noise From Winnetka

Gymnasts/Acrobats Top 12/15 Semi-Finalists & Non-Finalist Talent awards
2012-Lauren Cheape (Miss Hawaii 2011)-Jump Rope-Talent Prelim-Hawaii Five-O
     Lauren was Miss Hawaii 2011 and competed at Miss America in January, 2012 in Las Vegas
1996-Lori Flick (Massachusetts)-Beauty & The Beast
1989-Tami Elliott (Virginia)-Phantom of the Opera
1989-Tammy Kattunen (Arizona)-roller skating-Amazing Grace
1984-Allison Boyd (Nebraska)
1974-Karen Smith (Kansas)-The Entertainer
1971-Susan Supernaw (Oklahoma)-Special Judges Award
1964-Sarah Noble (Michigan)-free exercise routine

Baton-Top 12/15 Semi-Finalists & Non-Finalist Talent awards
2013-MerrieBeth Cox (Indiana 2012)-Top 12 Semi-Finalist-Sparkling Diamonds
     MerrieBeth was Miss Indiana 2012 and competed at Miss America in January, 2013 in Las Vegas
2003-Angelea Busby (Kansas)-Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
2001-Christina Froelinger (Nebraska)-Top 20 Quarter Finalist-Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
1998-Amanda Meadows (Illinois)-1-2-3 Maria
1997-Kelli Masters (Oklahoma)-Gonna Fly Now
1991-Debra Fries (Maryland)-Hooked On America
1990-Lisa Munzert (Delaware)-They're Playing Our Song
1989-Jana Sanchez (Iowa)-Another Cha Cha
1988-Hetaher Smith (Missouri)-Whistler and His Dog
1987-Michelle Eaton (Connecticut)-They're Playing Our Song
1983-Holly Mayer (Massachusetts)-Gypsy medley
1982-Linda Simon (Iowa)
1980-Kimberly Christiansen (Colorado)-The Main Event
1978-Kim Pring (Wyoming)-There's No Business Like Show Business
1975-Elaine Campanelli (Delaware)-fire baton
1964-Cherie Martin (Louisiana)-combined with toreador dance
1962-Paula Welch (Arizona)-fire baton
1957-Jennie Blatchford (Pennsylvania)-Talent Prelim award only-St. Louis Blues & Stars/Stripes Forever

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